Playlist: George Forman Favorites

These are clips for backhand drills

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Backhand - One Handed

Watch these anchor points as you swing in front of Coach in the Mirror 1. Take racket back with your non-dominant hand on the racket. 2. Make a pronounced shoulder turn with shoulders parallel to the sideline. 3. Drive toward the net; do not block your hips. 4. Draw racket from your non-dominant hand. 5. Move racket forward and up (like dropping a ball that was trapped under your upper arm). 6. Racket head finishes up with arm extended.
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Backhand - Slow Motion

You might want to practice while watching these clips in slow motion. They are the same clips that you see in real time for the one handed backhand. Slow down and get the feel of the correct stroke. Then move to the real time clips to perfect the feel and the form.
Screen shot 2015 09 18 at 9.05.35 am

Volley - Forehand

Note these anchor points as you watch yourself swing in front of The Coach in the Mirror: 1. Racket head up. 2. Step in 3. Elbows in. 4. Limited backswing 5. Follow through keeping hands soft