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Dixon - Proper Loading FH and BH

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Flat vs kick serve

Flat Serve vs Kick Serve - Super Slow Motion

(To play, click on blue "back"button to see back view). In this one clip you will see Alex serving a flat serve and a kick serve. The clip begins with a freeze frame with a red and blue vertical line. The red line is an indication of the axis at contact for the flat serve. The blue line, displaced to the left, is an indication of the axis at contact for the kick serve. You will see these two lines throughout the clip to help you distinguish the toss and hit for these two serves. Note that the head remains under the blue axis on both tosses. That last few seconds of the clip accelerates to real time on the kick serve, just so you can see the energy of the serve.
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Forehand - Components with pauses and slow motion

Use this video to hit anchor points in Celeste's forehand. The captions announce how each segment will play. Some segments will pause, some play in slow motion, others play without pauses. This variety is meant to let you get you mind around both the component structure of the forehand and the flow from one component to the next as you shadow swing while watching Celeste.
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Forehand - Open Stance - After the Bounce Only

We single frame the racket action starting with the bounce of the ball off the court. In four segments the motion speeds up to real time. Practice this action in place to perfect the position of your racket head and the lag action of the wrist and arm just before contact. When a segment pauses get ready to repeat the action.
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Forehand - Progressive Components Slow Motion to Regular

We broke down the forehand into four components: Take Back with Non-dominant Hand, Racket Face Down, Racket Butt Out, then Racket Pull and Roll. Each component ends with a freeze frame to give you a visual of the anchor point. Check your own image at these points to compare and correct. Begin this drill with the Right perspective. In this view each component begins with slow motion, then medium, then regular speed. The drill ends with a few loops of the whole stroke at regular speed and no freeze frames. Use this six minute clip as a drill to structure your forehand around these four components to increase your efficiency of movement, racket head speed, and top spin. The Front view clip is not so repetitive but will give you more information about the approach of the ball.
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Serve - Freeze Frames

Note these anchor points as you watch yourself in front of The Coach in the Mirror: 1. Start with weight on either the forward foot (like Andy Murray) or on the back foot. 2. Extend your tossing arm fully and hold as ball travels upward. 3. Weight held neutral on both legs, like a Jack in the Box. 4. Racket begins it's complete full circle 5. Snap your wrist and follow through with racket on opposite side of your body. 6. Transfer your weight into the court.
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Serve - Slow Motion Freeze Frames

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