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Dixon - Proper Loading FH and BH

Tags: loading freeze-frames footwork backhand forehand JudyDixon
High finish fh

Forehand - Running, High Ball, Top Spin

Watch footwork to reach ball hit wide. Notice the low to high movement of the racket and the finish on the right side of the head. Clip down in slow motion with repeat action on low to high movement of the racket.
Tags: AlexAnselme footwork slow-motion topspin
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Return of Serve - Footwork

Watch this clip to focus on footwork. Note these anchor points as you watch yourself in front of The Coach in the Mirror: 1. Step forward 2. Split step as opponent hits the ball 3. Move feet to find the ball, e.g. wider step. 4. Load, hit, recover
Tags: forehand footwork CelesteFrey
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Split Step

Split step and recovery, both to right and to left. Make first step quick and well judged for the best length
Tags: footwork AlexAnselme
Screen shot 2016 05 02 at 2.35.29 pm

Split Step Slow Motion

Try this slow motion clip to get the pattern of your foot movements to improve the efficiency of your steps. Then go do the same clip in real time, Footwork - Split Step. In the clip for the back view notice the shadow on the court.
Tags: slow-motion footwork AlexAnselme