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One Handed Backhand High Follow Through

The clip has a great rhythm. Watch the footwork to set up for the strike and the high racket follow through. The low to high path will impact some topspin to the ball.
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One handed backhand on backboard

One-handed backhand drill on the backboard
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Volley - Backhand

Note these anchor points as you watch yourself swing in front of The Coach in the Mirror: 1. Maintain the head and shoulders in a triangular plane parallel to the net. 2. Prepare the racket early with racket head up and elbows in to the body. 3. Step forward on outside foot to load as you are on your way to hit the ball. 4. Keep the hands close together with the left hand behind the racket. 5. Release racket from left hand and swing down and through the ball, left hand remains back.
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